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Monday, 29 March 2010

The Birmingham EDL Demos and Unite Against Fascism

The Birmingham Mail and the Birmingham Post made much of the fact that many members of the English Defence League, on the September 5th demonstration, ‘came from outside Birmingham’. But this was true of Unite Against Fascism demonstrators. At the time I personally saw the leader of the UAF, Martin Smith (who is from London), at the head of the UAF inciting young Asian Muslims to charge the police - not only to charge the EDL demonstrators. Other members of the Socialist Workers Party were also there – again, ‘from outside Birmingham’. (Martin Smith is the national secretary of the SWP.) Indeed, it was an odd scene which I experienced that Saturday. On the street which leads up to the Bennett’s pub, there was a long line of white (non-Muslim) members of the SWP, along with a SWP banner, egging on Asian Muslims to attack the police. (I later saw Martin Smith on BBC Midlands news arguing violently with the police.) It was interesting to see that the Birmingham Post itself now refers to the UAF protestors as ‘socialist protesters’, which was something it didn’t do in its coverage of the 8th of August demonstration. However, ‘socialist protestors’ is not strictly correct either. What the Post should have said is ‘the far-left (i.e. SWP) leaders of the Asian Muslim protestors’. That would be nearer to the truth considering the fact that many, if not all, non-revolutionary socialists see the UAF/SWP/Islamist alliance as more of a threat to democracy than the BNP. After all, the SWP is explicitly against parliamentary democracy. And even if the BNP is implicitly against parliamentary democracy, it is not explicitly so, as the SWP is.

It is therefore strange that Chris Sims, Chief Constable of West Midlands Police, was so uncritical of the UAF/SWP alliance considering that the revolutionary leader of the UAF (and SWP national secretary), Martin Smith, thinks that the British police force is a ‘tool of the capitalist class’, etc. And I didn’t know that the police could be so blatantly political, as Chief Constable Chris Sims was in the Birmingham Mail later. Why is he so naïve about the true political and revolutionary nature of the UAF/SWP alliance and the fact that it was far more responsible for the violence, both in September and on the 8th of August in Birmingham, than the EDL? How many politically-correct points does Chief Constable Sims think he will score for his comments?

In addition, Chris Sims wrote about the EDL and said that it is attempting to ‘gnaw away at the foundations’ of multicultural society. From my experiences in Bradford and Keighley, as well as other people’s experiences in Burnley, Bolton, Blackburn, etc. (as well as cities in other European countries), Islam, extreme or otherwise, is radically against all examples of multiculturalism (except its own) and pluralism (except the pluralism that gives it more power). Why aren’t these obvious facts being registered by Chris Sims and so many other spokesmen and women for political correctness and Islamism? Are they more concerned with the present tense (and their own careers) than they are with the future – which will almost certainly be much more – if not completely – Islamic? And we don’t need the EDL or the BNP to tell us that. Unbiased demographics will tell us.

If the EDL is so racist, why was one of its members flying the Jewish/Israeli flag during the Brum demos? In addition, why were there no black people on the UAF march? I didn’t see a single one; even though I saw many black shoppers in the vicinity of the demonstration and the Asian gangs.

Councillor Salma Yaqoob (of Respect) also had her predictable and obligatory say on these issues in the Birmingham Mail. Why don’t journalists, as well as Chief Constable Sims, get around to actually reading what Councillor Yaqoob really thinks? Why don’t they download some of her articles for the Socialist Workers Party website? She despises the British state and everything it stands for and everything it does. She is a revolutionary Islamist – in her own words. So read them! So it is she who really wants to ‘spread hatred and division’ and not the EDL. Only then could her far-left/Islamist ideas get a real foothold. If she, her far-left friends (who run UAF) and the Islamists ever gained real power, the BNP and EDL would only be the first in a long line of people and groups that would be dealt with. Be warned.

Despite what Yaqoob and UAF think (or pretend to think), I don’t think that the majority of British people are attracted to far-right politics and groups. The real threat is from the far-left/Islamist alliance and the growing numbers of politically-radicalised young (and older) Asian Islamists who don’t see themselves as British (as they often say themselves) and thus will not have the traditional British distaste for far-left and far-right politics. (Far-left and far-right ideas somehow merge in this dangerous Islamist/far-left alliance.)

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