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Monday, 29 March 2010

Adrian Goldberg Defends Red-Fascist Unite Against Fascism (UAF)

Letter to the Birmingham Mail, 7.1.2010 -

Yes, Adrian Goldberg [of the Birmingham Mail] is correct. Both EDL demos in Birmingham ended in violence. But what he fails to mention is that Unite Against Fascism - and its many Asian thugs -were largely responsible for that violence. Is this bias because Mr Goldberg supports Unite Against Fascism, as well Birmingham United, which is a similar far-left-run group (which isn't to say all its supporters are Trots)?

He also talks about "ducking flying bottles". What about the Muslim bigots with baseball bats and the UAF thugs (like one of its leaders, Martin Smith) running riot through the streets of Birmingham? Martin Smith was actually arrested for violence in London at a similar demo. He was also reported to West Midlands Police for a physical attack on Birmingham shoppers. This is no surprise. Martin Smith is a revolutionary socialist. A Trotskyist. A Trot who seems to be supported by our very own Adrian Goldberg.

Many would say that the trouble in Birmingham "was precisely the outcome the UAF was hoping for". Though, strangely enough, Goldberg says this only about the EDL. The bias and hypocrisy of Goldberg is staggering.

It's a neat little trick of Goldberg to lump the EDL together with Choudary’s lot as both being 'extremists'. He fails to mention that the EDL is against extremists like Choudary, unlike UAF, which is run by the Socialist Workers Party (which champions Islamists, and even terrorists, as victims of ‘Western capitalism’). The SWP-UAF is far more extreme and political than the EDL because the latter is a single-issue group fighting against Islamic extremism. UAF-SWP is utterly political, from head to toe, and most of its activists are revolutionary socialists and supporters of Hamas and Hizbollah. So why the hell does Goldberg aim all his fire at the EDL?

There's another big difference between the EDL and Islam4UK. The latter explicitly endorses and encourages violence in various and many forms. The EDL is a non-violent organisation, even if violence has occurred at its demos. UAF-SWP also believes in violence. Not just against the EDL, but against the ‘capitalist system’ and against ‘Western imperialism’. Goldberg should make a little more effort to find out who he's mixing with - unless he already knows who he's mixing with!

As for "dividing our community". That is an empty cliché that UAF and Salma Yaqoob trot out without even thinking. UAF-SWP loves divided societies because such divisions give them the raw recruits from the Muslim and other communities which they need. UAF thrives on trouble. Everybody accepts that about the SWP, and the SWP created and runs UAF. In any case, we haven’t always got a united community anyway, no matter how many times Goldberg says we have. We have a rift between the black community and the Muslim community. In a sense, what we have is bi-cultural societies in many cities and towns. In Bradford it's a case of the Muslim community and all the rest. Birmingham isn't quite there yet. Though remember what happened in the Lozells of Birmingham district between the black community and the Muslim community.

So I think that readers should be a little bit more sceptical about Adrian Goldberg’s bloke-next-door image and ask him what he really thinks about these important political issues.

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